Cape Town Hendon Caravan Park No Security

CapeTown-HendonPark-No-SecurityWe have been visiting Cape Town caravan parks a lot in the  last few months. During the long weekend at the end of May we visited Voortrekker park arriving there  in the dark with no security at the gates. We parked only to find out offices are closed and park will be closing on the 1st May. Long term campers also told us there has been no security for the last 3 weeks and we must make sure everything is locked up. Apparently there was also a problem as somebody got robber at knife point in there tents and many other break-ins been happening.

The rates was also high season with no pensioners discount. We booked into Hendon Park for 3 nights in Gordons Bay. On arrival there we had to insure we payed first no grace can even park the caravan and then get a disc by “security” before we allowed to enter.

That evening i went and had a  look to see if the gate to the beach was locked and found it to be open. I went to the “security” office at the entrance only to find out that there is no security as the council don’t want to pay the company that work there.

The next day i went to the office to inquire about security and was told for a while there have been no security as the council don’t have money to pay the security company. I was told to phone the manager that told me there is nothing he can do and i must phone the regional manager. Long story short i told the lady at the office why cant she be honest with us telling us there is no security when we booked in. She said she was to ashamed. So basically they don’t care for there clients. And yes we don’t stay for free we have to pay so we should expect security. During our stay there some tents got broken into but the camperswoke up and manage to recover most of there stuff.

Sad indeed so if you want to visit these places as it seems all the caravan parks in under City of Cape Town cant afford to pay for security be on the alert.